Goal-Setting Success

Daily Health Solutions
on January 1, 2010
Media Bakery

Dale Carnegie Training has schooled the leaders of many Fortune 500 companies, but CEO Peter Handal's advice on goal-setting works well beyond the boardroom. Here, his top tips on setting yourself up for success, whether you're aiming to up your salary or trim your waistline.

  • Be your own boss. Whenever possible, give yourself a deadline "and hold yourself accountable for following through. This strategy works for goals small—'I will work out 3 times a week'—and large— 'I will ask for a promotion by the end of the month.'"
  • Be a people person. Becoming a better communicator, actively listening to others and taking a genuine interest in them makes people want to help you turn your dreams into reality.
  • Stay positive. "In the words of Dale Carnegie himself, 'Gain strength from the positive and don't be sapped by the negative,'" Handal says. Forget any less-than-successful attempts at your goals in the past, and try to have an upbeat attitude every day.