Tricks For All Those Treats

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on October 7, 2008
Media Bakery

Forget ghosts and goblins. The scariest thing about Halloween is being surrounded by all those bite-size treats just begging to be eaten by you and your kids. Here, what to do with those bulging goodie bags:

Buy what you hate. Distribute suckers, for instance, if you're a choc-aholic, you won't be as tempted to munch on any leftovers. Or avoid edibles altogether and give out stickers or party favors.

Give your kids–and yourself–a candy budget. It is Halloween, after all. Vow to limit yourself to just one of your all-time favorites each day over the Halloween weekend. Such planned splurges can keep you from binging on the goods.

Establish a new tradition. Let little ones pick 10 pieces of candy to keep. Then leave the rest for the "Halloween Fairy," (aka you) who, in the dead of night, will spirit it away and leave a gift in its place.

Find a buy-back program. Go to for a list of dentists around the country who will buy leftover candy to send to the troops in Iraq.