Master the Kitchen with 5 Cooking Secrets from HelloFresh!

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on April 19, 2016

Did you know that less than 60% of American dinners that were served at home in 2015 were actually home-cooked? That’s down from 75% just 30 years ago. The struggle to get dinner on the table is real. Meal-kit delivery service HelloFresh makes it easier by doing the planning and shopping for you, making cooking fun and hassle-free. Here are 5 kitchen secrets from HelloFresh chef Freida Hirsch, a member of the team who creates 500+ recipes annually, all designed to be repeated by millions of novice at-home cooks.


Master the Kitchen with 5 Cooking Secrets from HelloFresh!



  1. For a better sear, the secret is to pat the meat dry with paper towels before seasoning. Moisture prevents browning and causes the food to steam; the less moisture, the better the sear!


  1. DIY vinaigrette is simple, so have fun! Experiment with different vinegars, from apple cider to sherry and citrus – to find the style that works best for you.


  1. To poach an egg, the trick is to create a whirlpool! Once the water is simmering, add a tablespoon or two of white vinegar and swirl. Pour the egg into the center and cook 2-3 minutes while continuing the whirlpool.


  1. When chopping vegetables, practice makes perfect! The tip is to shape your hand into a claw to make your fingertips perpendicular to the food to stabilize and shield your fingertips from the knife.


  1. To prepare fish, add the heat! The key to preventing the fish from sticking is a very hot pan with a drizzle of a neutral oil.


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