Healthy Gifts, Happy Mom

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on May 7, 2013
Healthy gifts for mother's day.

KRUPS Silver Art Citrus Press
Sure, breakfast in bed—complete with fresh-squeezed OJ—may be a special occasion-type thing, but Mom deserves the special treatment anytime she wants, right? The KRUPS Silver Art Citrus Press delivers. It’s unbelievably easy to set up, use and clean, and the yield of fresh-squeezed juice is the icing on the cake. Slice up your citrus, gently press down on the juicing cone, and it automatically starts spinning. Within seconds, your fruit is juiced and you’re enjoying a breakfast-in-bed kind of morning, any day of the year.

T-fal Balanced Living Steamer
Eating healthy is easy with the proper tools at your disposal, and the T-fal Balanced Living Steamer is a great addition to any healthy diet. The two-tier design allows for more food to be prepared in the two two-quart bowls. Or remove the center plate to steam larger-sized items in a four-quart capacity. Food steams evenly and quickly. Great for everything from eggs and veggies to chicken and fish, the steamer is easy-to-use and quick to clean up and store.

Quirky® Mocubo One Stop Chop Bamboo Cutting Board with Storage Containers
The Mocubo cutting board combines food preparation and storage for simplified prep work and an easy cleanup after you slice and dice. The bamboo board is built with three clear storage drawers underneath, which can neatly store just-cut ingredients until they are ready for use. An added bonus: the drawers can be removed to transform the cutting board into a functional serving tray. Perfect for those with minimal counter space.

Chicago Metallic™ Meatloaf Baker
Easy and inexpensive to make, meatloaf is a staple American comfort food. The downside is that it’s often loaded with grease. Enter the Chicago Metallic Meatloaf Baker. Featured on Dr. Oz’s Healthy Kitchen Gadgets segment, the device is a great choice for moms who enjoy making meatloaf but want to trim the fat content. The non-stick pan features a raised, removable tray, and as the meat bakes, grease drains from the meat into the base pan. When the meatloaf is done, simply remove the perforated tray and transfer it onto a serving platter. Because the base pan is nonstick-coated carbon steel, cleanup is a cinch!


Omega’s Vert VRT350 Juicer
If Mom’s into—or interested in—the juicing craze, then heed our advice: get her a good juicer! Need suggestions? The Omega VERT350 is a great place to start. It’s a low-speed juicer, spinning at 80 RPMs, which means the fruit’s healthy enzymes are preserved and the fresh juice can last refrigerated up to 72 hours. At nearly $400, it’s definitely pricey, but the payoff comes in the ease-of-use and, more importantly, the ease-of-cleaning. With two no-drip taps, the juicer is “self-cleaning,” meaning that it extracts and dispenses the juice out of one tap while the pulp rolls out of the other. In short, no clogged screens to clean. Be warned, though: it has to be washed by hand, but the fresh, delicious juice makes it worth the extra effort.

Nesco FD-37 Food Dehydrator
If you are looking for healthy alternatives to processed store-bought snacks, the Nesco FD-37 Food Dehydrator may be a beneficial addition to your kitchen. The four, stacked trays allow you to dry more at once than other dehydrators, and the clear cover allows you to check on your food’s progress as it dries. Additional accessories, such as add-a-trays and fruit roll-up sheets, are available for order from Nesco as well. The appliance also comes with a handy recipe guide, so you can learn how to make an array of wholesome snacks at home that the whole family will enjoy, like kale chips, fruit leather, trail mix and even jerky.

Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker and Chocolate Station
$24.99 for pop maker; $19.99 chocolate station
When they were first introduced a few years ago, the Zoku Quick Pop Makers (in single, duo and standard trio) gained a huge following among moms who enjoy almost-instant gratification—or need to satisfy demanding kids with a quick (and healthy) treat. How it works: Keep the compact base in the freezer(for impromptu pop production), whip it out, and pour in your favorite juice, yogurt concoction, even leftover smoothie from breakfast, and in 7 minutes, you’ve got a perfect popsicle. (Of course, you can make more decadent treats—recipes and tips are included in a handy little enclosed booklet.) Plus, dress up your pops with the new Zoku Chocolate Station: Dunk your frozen pop in the dipping cavity, then roll in nuts or sprinkles—a perfect activity for lazy summer afternoons.