Healthy Holiday Stuffers

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on December 6, 2011
Stocking stuffer gift guide with gifts $10 and under.

Sparkling Ice is a refreshing zero calorie drink.

Sparkling ICE

For your friends who always have a diet drink in-hand, give them an alternative … the healthy holiday gift of Sparkling ICE. The zero-calorie beverage that’s Splenda-sweetened comes in a variety of flavors ranging from the run-of-the-mill pink grapefruit or lemonade to the more exotic orange mango or pomegranate berry. With no carbs or sodium, there’s plenty of room left for B vitamins, vitamin D and antioxidants. And if all that’s not enough of a healthy holiday gift, quite simply, it tastes good! Available in most major grocery retailers in single servings or multi-packs; prices vary.

Dahlgren Footwear Socks.

Dahlgren Alpaca Socks

You can pretty much count on “soft and cozy” being a slam dunk in the gift-giving game. Bring home a W this holiday season by giving soft and cozy Dahlgren alpaca socks. The “Casual/Lifestyle” line features 10 different looks including Artist Series, Metro Tweed, Metro and more (we preferred the “LuckySock” argyles). The feet have ample cushioning, and the sock shaft literally hugs your legs firmly yet comfortably. Like compression socks but more stylish, Dahlgrens make a full day on your feet so much better! Available in multiple colors and sizes for men and women starting at $18.50 per pair.

BKR reusable water bottles are a great stocking stuffer.

Bkr Water Bottle


If it’s cool enough for Kate Walsh, Hilary Duff and Kristen Bell, then we’re sure bkr will be a big hit for the star in your life. Simply put, bkr is a glass bottle in a silicon sleeve. But it’s so much more than that. This water bottle fast became our favorite, not for the celeb factor (though toting the same bottle as Reese is pretty cool!) but for the size of the mouth opening alone. It’s big enough to get a good sip, but it’s small enough that you don’t dump a sea of water on your face if you tilt it back too far. Comfort aside, another selling point is the green factor: a reusable bottle is clearly better for the earth, and glass resists bacteria and doesn’t alter the taste of the water. The silicon sleeve, while functional in protecting the glass, is just plain cool. Dishwasher safe (yep, even the sleeve). Available in a variety of cool colors like Night, Kitsch, Betty, Lush, Surf and more. (Cool, right?)

Foot Rubz Massage Balls are a great stocking stuffer.

Foot Rubz Foot Massage Ball


Sometimes it’s the smallest, simplest gifts that have the most impact, and this one fits that bill. The Foot Rubz ball features 160 stimulating “fingers” that actually perform as promised. After a long day on your feet or just a day of having your feet stuffed in socks and boots, roll the Foot Rubz ball on the bottom of your feet, and it’s like a splash of cold water—it truly feels like a wake-up call for the feet.

You can text while wearing AGloves.


The chill of winter shouldn’t put a damper on your connectivity. Agloves are touch-screen gloves that act as both centuries-old traditional hand-warmers while still allowing for 21st-century activities like texting and smartphone and tablet maneuvering. The conductivity that allows for accurate performance is because of the gloves’ integrated silver, which is the most conductive element on the Periodic Table (we learn something new every day, don’t we?). And the gloves, which are also made of 3% Spandex, hug your fingers just as tight as those bike shorts we thought looked great in the 90s, which means texting accuracy—or lack thereof—is still all you. Available in five different styles; prices vary.

This flavor-infuser water bottle is a great way to add flavor to your water.

Flavor-infuser Water Bottle


We all know we’re supposed to drink more water, but some folks find it just plain boring. Therein lies the answer to your “What do I get that person?” question. The Flavor Infuser Water Bottle brings plain old water to the next level. Water with lemon? Strawberries? Mint? Cucumber? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Simply fill the chamber with whatever flavor you savor, fill the bottle with water and drop in the infuser. In no time, you have flavored water on-the-go.

CLIF Bars have holiday flavors.

CLIF Bars Seasonal Flavors


Give a limited edition one-of-a-kind gift to that limited edition one-of-a-kind person in your life. CLIF Bar seasonal flavors are back for the 10th year in a row, and three special healthy holiday flavors are available for a limited time. Spiced Pumpkin Pie (our favorite!), Peppermint Stick and Iced Gingerbread ensure feelings of nostalgia while the CLIF’s signature blend of carbs, protein and fiber will ensure ample energy for any winter workout! Plus, this gift keeps on giving: CLIF is donating one percent of the net amount of seasonal sales to Protect Our Winters, a non-profit that works with the winter sports community to stop climate change. Available wherever CLIF Bars are sold.

Kissables Pedicure Socks are a great stocking stuffer.

Kissables Pedicure Socks


There’s a girlie-girl in all of our lives. She likes pretty and soft and scented and pamper-y. Give her all of these and more in one simple pair of pedicure socks. Kissables are like a spa experience for your feet. Lined with a thermo-plastic rubber gel, the socks feel cool and soothing. They’re also infused with jojoba oil, vitamin E and aloe, which soothe tired feet. The tiara on the cake is the toe separators, which keep freshly painted nails safe from smudges till dry.

SNAP-infusion are low calorie candies.

SNAP Infusion

Everyone knows one. That loved one who is still a sucker for candy even as an adult. Well, you may just blow their mind with this little doozey that delivers the candy fix with a healthy twist. SNAP Infusion bills itself as a low-cal supercandy. Packed with B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes, SNAP is made with organic ingredients and real fruit juices—no fake stuff here. And if it’s good enough for a partnership with the U.S. Snowboarding and Ski teams, it’s good enough for your pal who simply loves candy and a healthy lifestyle too! Available in five flavors in singles or multi-packs; prices vary accordingly.