Healthy Instagram Accounts We Love

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on March 7, 2014
healthy instagram accounts we love

Thanks to the recent proliferation of health-focused Instagram accounts, inspiration to eat better is truly at our fingertips. But with so many choices out there, it can be hard to sift out the good from the bad from the ugly. After scrolling, browsing and drooling our way through countless healthy Instagram accounts, we’re proud to present our list of handpicked favorites. We admire these women for their balanced approach to healthy eating, for their gorgeous food photography and for their contagiously fun personalities. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and these healthy Instagram accounts prove this adage and then some. Brace yourself for some serious health food eye candy, people.



Step into the kitchen of TODAY Show nutritionist Joy Bauer and steal her genius secrets for effortless healthy living. Showcasing picture-perfect, good-for-you meals, Joy’s IG will make you wax poetic about the beauty of an apple or the glories of kale. Joy refreshes her Instagram feed daily with drool-worthy recipes and crafty nutrition hacks—for example, did you know that scooping out the center of a bagel can slash 100 cals? Brilliant!



Get your daily eyeful of mouth-watering healthy eats with @NutritionStripped, an Instagram account that celebrates food in its most “stripped down,” unprocessed state. The brainchild of McKel Hill, a registered dietitian and wellness coach based in Nashville, Tenn., Nutrition Stripped dazzles with minimalist photos of vibrant, nourishing meals as well as little nuggets of healthy living wisdom. Seriously, though…we’re not sure how she does it, but McKel has a knack for making green juice look positively drool-worthy.



When it comes to healthy eating, prior planning prevents poor performance. That’s the ethos behind Meal Prep Mondays, a helpful visual guide to prepping healthy meals and storing them in portable containers for on-the-go nutrition. This Instagram feed offers savvy tips on everything from grocery shopping to organizing your fridge to healthy recipes. Rather than caving to greasy take-out or consigning yourself to another ho-hum turkey sandwich, take a few extra minutes on Monday and prepare wholesome, flavorful meals for the week ahead.



If you thought vegan diets were synonymous with deprivation, think again. A brief scroll through blogger Mary Mattern’s vegan-centric Instagram account @NomYourself is enough to convert meat eaters to bona fide vegans. Here, you’ll find gorgeous, artfully-prepared dishes such as ooey-gooey vegan grilled cheeses, crunchy mac ‘n cheese salads and a scrumptious “can’t-believe-it’s-vegan” chocolate cake.



On her Instagram feed, @SproutedKitchen, food blogger Sara Forte documents family, friends, life, travel and food…but mainly food. Delicious, wholesome food, captured in richly-colored aperture. From roasted root vegetables to veggie-stuffed breakfast tostadas, Sara’s meals celebrate vivid flavors and unexpected combinations of seasonal ingredients. Trust us, you’ll quickly covet an invite into Sara’s (sprouted) kitchen.




After relocating from California to a remote part of Alaska, Maya had to start her life over from scratch—and, with no immediate access to grocery stores, she also had to learn how to cook from scratch. Maya chronicles her adventures and daily musings on @Alaska From Scratch, an Instagram feed that showcases her gorgeous food creations, interspersed with breathtaking shots of Alaska’s scenic Kenai Peninsula.


hungy happens

Healthy eating shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we love Hungry Happens and its no-nonsense approach to healthy eating. The @Hungryhappens feed is brimming with colorful food photos and easy-to-follow recipes, like this yummy-looking superfood kale salad adorned with avocado, quinoa, kale and berries.


crockpot turkey meatballs

This up-and-coming blogger doles out a healthy dose of deliciousness on her stunning Instagram feed, The Nutritious Kitchen. Striking a perfect mix of healthy and indulgent foods, Selena dazzles with a variety of health-focused recipes starring playful combinations and unexpected ingredients. Her scrumptious turkey crockpot meatballs, pictured above, are just one of her many tempting creations.


jodi whats cookin 2


On her stunning Instagram feed, Jodi, an NYC-based Natural Food Chef and blogger, captures simple but lovely snapshots of her kitchen and the greater world beyond. Bringing an artistic eye to healthy cooking, Jodi inspires and delights with wholesome offerings (think lentil salads and cauliflower soup) along with a smattering of indulgent treats (her homemade apple pie looks to-die-for!). Replete with artistic shots of her snow-trimmed NYC neighborhood, her adorable dog and her thoughtful table arrangements, Jodi whisks you away into an idyllic world you’ll never want to leave.