Healthy Soup Tips

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on December 31, 2012

Registered dietitian and food blogger Autumn Hoverter of shares her strategies for creating healthy, flavorful soups from scratch—and one of her favorite recipes.

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Brew your own broth.
Save and freeze leftover poultry bones to make it easier.

Use unsweetened almond milk for cream.
You’ll preserve the richness without the fat and calories.

Go crazy with veggies.
“I can’t think of a vegetable that doesn’t work well in soup,” Autumn says.

Beef it up, without meat.
Add layers of flavor to meatless recipes with mushrooms and red wine.

Go with the (whole) grain.
“I love whole grains like brown rice, quinoa or millet in a soup packed with veggies,” Autumn says. “Then I don’t need anything on the side but a glass of wine!”

Try Autumn’s recipe for Coconut Chicken Soup.