Healthy Travel Snacks

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on December 15, 2011

Taking to the highways and skyways this holiday season? Forgo the junk food fill-ups at every exit and opt for healthier pre-packed take-along snacks instead. “What has worked for our travels are hard-boiled eggs,” says Amy Roskelley, a mother of three who has a master’s in health education and blogs about raising super-healthy kids. “The eggs are easy to eat and don’t take up a lot of space. Plus, the protein and fat make them both filling and satisfying.”

Roskelley also suggests packing frozen water bottles.  “We freeze them to control how quickly the kids drink them,” which as any parent knows has a direct effect on how many bathroom breaks you have to make during your travels. Additionally, she recommends packing healthy snacks like trail mix in 1-ounce individual bags, which keeps the mess to a minimum and keeps little hands — and the germs they may have — from getting on other people’s snacks.

Lastly Roskelley completely endorses the pre-sliced, pre-bagged, individual-size servings of apples found in most grocery stores’ produce sections. “They are thirst-quenching and filling, and purchasing them this way keeps the apples from turning brown and mushy."

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