Symptoms That Show Hormonal Changes in Our Body

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on June 1, 2016
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Be it a woman or man, a hormonal imbalance can bring a drastic change in our body. However, in the majority of cases, women undergo regular hormonal changes, especially when they reach 40-50 years of age. Regular mood swings, changes in body pattern and other issues that can lead to major health issues. Some of the major reasons behind the hormonal changes are pollution, irregular diet and genetic problem. Fortunately, there are ways on how one can balance the diet and overcome the hormonal changes happening. At, you will find all the details regarding the hormonal changes that create mood swings and other health issues. Medical experts here offer all the assistance in following diet for better hormones in our body. Apart from this, you can even check online health magazine to know about the diet to be followed to overcome negative effects of hormonal imbalance.


Let us now check symptoms of hormonal imbalance in our body:

Regular Weight Gain:

Every person needs to carry average looking body. However, due to imbalanced diet and other hormonal issues lead to weight gain. Many women having abnormal hormonal issues make it difficult to maintain healthy weight. Unaddressed insulin resistance is one the reasons. So to overcome this problem, small changes in the diet can help in getting into right direction.


Loss of Muscle Mass:

When your endocrine system undergoes stress, there is an underproduction of hormones and overproduction of unhealthy production of others. This affects the body negatively and leads to increase in belly fat and loss of muscle mass.


Fatigue and Mood Swings:

When a woman undergoes menstrual problems, then it can affect mood swing and other issues. This is quite common among women and may lead to fatigue and mood swings. Each dietary change such as eliminating wheat and grains can help in stabilizing blood sugar and avoid any kind of major hormonal changes.


Depression and Anxiety:

During menstrual and other natural health issues, undergoing depression and other anxiety problem is common. Stress and other mental issues make it difficult for our body coping up with the problem. Hormonal imbalance is also the major reason behind depression and other anxiety.


Insomnia and Poor Sleeping Pattern:

Due to heavy stress, there is a poor sleeping pattern that leads to internally health issues. This also leads to physical stress and cortisol levels directly causing hormonal imbalance.


Regular Sweating:

Women generally go through regular sweating, be it during night or morning. So during such time, following a good food journal on a regular period will help in avoiding this situation. Many times, depression or fear can also trigger sweating.


Apart from the above mentioned problems, there are also symptoms too that can lead hormonal imbalance. However, this is also linked to other physical problems. Simple diet change and medical advice can help in overcoming the problem.