How An Annual Eye Exam Could Save Your Life

Eye Health, Featured Article, VSP
on May 11, 2015

Joel Gleason went in for what he thought would be a routine eye exam. Little did he know, the experience would literally save his life.

During the checkup, Joel’s ophthalmologist, Dr. Carmack, a VSP® provider based in Saint Petersburg, FL, found something alarming—he noticed a plaque in Joel’s eye that indicated carotid artery disease, a potentially fatal condition that occurs when the major arteries in the neck become narrowed or blocked. If left untreated, the arteries can become even narrower, cutting off oxygen to the brain and often resulting in stroke.

“Dr. Carmack called an imaging center to get a duplex scan of my carotids done, stat,” said Joel. “The study showed severe stenosis of my right internal carotid. Further studies at the Mayo clinic confirmed a 98% stenosis that I had fixed, and I am now doing great, thanks to Dr. Carmack.”

Carotid artery disease often doesn’t present any symptoms, so Joel’s annual eye exam enabled his doctor to catch the problem before it progressed into a stroke. Far from atypical, Joel’s story is a testament to the importance of getting an annual eye exam, whether or not you think you have impeccable vision.

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May is Healthy Vision Month, which means it’s the perfect time to assess whether or not you’ve been making your eye health a top priority. Not only do eye exams screen for vision problems and age-related eye disorders, they also help detect other potentially life-threatening conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. And, with individual vision insurance so affordable, it’s easy to take care of your eyes. For example, VSP Direct offers individual insurance plans for as little as $17 per month.

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Statistics show one in four children has an undetected vision problem, and nearly 10 million American students have vision conditions that impact learning. A simple comprehensive eye exam can make a big impact in a child’s life, ensuring that correctable vision problems don’t become permanent.

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