5 Ways To Protect Beautiful Eyes From Unsightly Baggage

Beauty/Skincare, Eye Health
on February 24, 2016

A good night’s sleep is always the best way to keep our eyes looking fresh and fabulous—instead of the alternative day-after-dilemma that results in dark, unsightly bags. There are many ways we can ensure our precious peepers look like gorgeous keepers, instead of unsightly, late-night creepers.

Remember, we only have one set of eyes that are meant to last us a lifetime, and we must do our absolute best to keep them both beautiful and healthy, free from of a multitude of different dilemmas that could lead to a loss of vision. It’s not only about eating a bunch of carrots or the application of cucumbers in a spa environment—which certainly helps, but doesn’t give us complete eye care when it comes to our overall health and beauty.


Socialize AND Moisturize!

Staying hydrated will reward us with beautiful skin and eyes, but it also keeps body and mind in the best state of overall health. Beware of alcohol and its drying effects. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still hang with your friends, drink some wine and have a little bit of fun—just keep it in check when it comes to your eyesight and beauty.

Your “Skincare Saturdays” should also include your eyes, though they aren’t technically considered skin—after all, the “windows to the soul” should be an important part of your beauty regimen. The infographic below shows five fabulously healthy ways to keep your eyes in check. Just incorporate them into your normal beauty regimen to keep your eyes stunning and your vision long-lasting!


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Cassie Brewer