How Weight-Loss Surgery Affects Your Pregnancy

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on May 28, 2013
Weightloss surgery's affects on pregnancy.

A small study conducted at the Laval University in Canada reveals that women who surgically shrink their stomachs before pregnancy are less likely to have obese children. It’s a common belief that a mother’s weight could contribute to the obesity in her children. Previously it was thought to be due to lack of exercise and poor diet, but a new study shows that children born after the weight-loss surgery had better insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels compared to siblings born before the surgery.

The genes associated with inflammation and vascular disease performed differently in children born prior to the weight-loss surgery than children born after. The genetic differences found between the babies are because the babies are stored in different blood and fat levels. Obesity alters the environment of the womb and can cause dysfunctional DNA. It also affects the baby’s glucose regulating genes that put it at risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

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