Colleen Duffley’s Creative Habitat

on December 2, 2009

Colleen Duffley has led a great life, and she wants to share it with you. The photographer, whose work has graced the covers of magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Metropolitan Home and Spry, has traveled the world and worked with top artists, writers, designers, food and wine pros along the way. "I've been able to experience all this and meet all these people," she says. "This is my chance to give back."

"This" is Studio B (, a creative venue where regular folks can take cooking, drawing, writing or interior design classes from "the best of the best." Luminaries like designer India Hicks, whose seminar kicked off the grand opening weekend in June, travel to Studio B on the Florida Gulf Coast to inspire and be inspired. "People come to challenge each other to grow in new ways," Colleen says.

The former Texan says the idea for Studio B has been cooking for a while. "It's my Plan B, although Plan A—my photography business—is still in full force," she says. But it seemed like the timing was right to make Studio B a reality. "People want to enjoy the simple things in life," she says. Even "lost arts" like bookbinding and sewing are being explored at Studio B.

How does Colleen balance a big idea like Studio B with the demands of a successful photography career? The former world-class cyclist who competed in the Olympic Trials in 1992 and 1996, credits her athletic background. "I feel more creative, more alive, more calm—more everything—when I am working out," she says. "If I didn't have the discipline of being an athlete, I wouldn't be able to pull it off." 

An Inspirational Weekend
The winners of our Spry Inspiration Awards presented by Campbell's Healthy Request Soups received a trip to the Studio B/Watercolor Inn Inspirational Weekend. Special thanks to: Studio B (, WaterColor Inn (, Harbor Docks Seafood (, La Botana (, Yolo Boards (, Heather Clements Art (

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