10 Beauty Bloggers to Inspire Your Instagram Feed

Beauty/Skincare, Healthy Living, Top 10 Lists
on July 27, 2016

Instagram is much more than a highlight reel of landscapes and brunches—it’s also a community of creative inspiration. No matter whether you’re a fan of natural DIYs or designer brands, enjoy exploring step-by-step tutorials or need advice on which new product to try, these brilliant bloggers have you covered. Follow along for glimpses into their daily lives and learn how to exude style from head to toe.


Kate from The Small Things Blog

Small Things Hair Preview

@k8_smallthings on Instagram

If you’ve ever scrolled through Pinterest, you’ve probably found yourself drooling over Kate’s stunningly simple hair tutorials. Like her blog, Kate’s Instagram feed features hair, beauty and style tips with graceful ease. Follow Kate for helpful hints and friendly authenticity.


Adrienne from The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl Swatches and Reviews

@thesundaygirluk on Instagram

The Sunday Girl is a UK-based haven for honest reviews and beauty products galore. Follow Adrienne for dreamy photographs and product previews as she helps you conquer the worlds of cosmetics, hair and skin care, nails and more.


Em from My Pale Skin

My Pale Skin Makeup Tutorial

@mypaleskinblog on Instagram

Em’s blog, My Pale Skin, is about much more than her killer step-by-step makeup tutorials. After developing adult acne in March 2015, Em courageously posted a video on her YouTube channel titled “You Look Disgusting,” detailing some of the comments she had received about her appearance and challenging her followers to re-evaluate their definition of true beauty. Follow Em for practical product and tutorial advice, as well as daily confidence boosts.


Lesley from Fresh Lengths 

Fresh Lengths Haircare Blog

@freshlengths on Instagram

Originally a personal hair journal, Fresh Lengths is now the ultimate guide to natural hair care, types, health and style. Follow Lesley and learn to fall in love with your natural locks.


Amber from Barefoot Blonde 

Barefoot Blonde

@amberfillerup on Instagram

Amber’s NYC and braid-based lifestyle blog, Barefoot Blonde, overflows with hair and personal style tutorials that are the definition of #goals. Follow Amber as she and her darling family adventure across the globe in flawless photographs and impeccable style.


Kate from Living Pretty Naturally 

Living Pretty Naturally

@livingprettynaturally on Instagram

Living Pretty Naturally is a site dedicated to natural beauty and wellness. Follow Kate for beauty-enhancing recipes, healthy tips and tricks, natural product reviews and encouraging words that will inspire you to live beautifully—inside and out.


Keiko Lynn 

Keiko Lynn

@keikolynn on Instagram

Keiko’s blog is a dream destination for anyone who loves bright bursts of color with old Hollywood flair. Follow Keiko for step-by-step tutorials and videos, DIY recipes, reviews of her favorite products, and inspiration to live a daringly colorful and quirky lifestyle.


Christine from 15 Minute Beauty

15 Minute Beauty Skincare Routine

@15minbeauty on Instagram

Christine is a doctor, mommy and self-proclaimed beauty addict. Her blog is devoted to mastering the art of looking professional in a matter of minutes, while also embracing her educational background to explore the science behind some popular beauty trends and products. Follow Christine to learn more and look gorgeous on-the-go.


Margo from Beauty and the Beat 

Beauty and the Beat Blog

@beautyandthebeatblog on Instagram

A journalist by trade, Margo curates a blog that aspires to create a life full of natural glamour. Follow Margo for yoga tutorials, natural hair remedies and style tips that foster a renewed sense of self-confidence.


Hannah from HannahRoxNails 

Hannah Rox It Nails

@hannahroxit on Instagram

Hannah is a professional manicurist whose blog and YouTube channel are dedicated to teaching you some of her skills and trade secrets. Follow Hannah for insight ranging from nail care to holiday design tutorials full festive flair. You can even learn to make your own DIY nail decals, infusing dazzling details into the daintiest aspects of your life.