“Long Live You”: An Inspirational Summer Read

Mental Health & Sleep Center
on May 28, 2015

Looking for the perfect summer read? Jane Wilkens Michael, a renowned radio host and frequent contributor to Spry Living, has just released a highly-anticipated new book, Long Live You! A Step by Step Plan to Look and Feel Better Than Before.  In it, she shares a terrific collection of insightful advice, tips and humorous anecdotes from her own life, along with her interviews with some of the world’s most renowned health, fitness, beauty and holistic/alternative therapy experts, many of whom have been featured in her columns.

Jane is a highly respected beauty, health and fitness expert who also hosts weekly a lifestyle show on iHeartRadio Talk. Whether you’re hoping to make positive health decisions, improve your emotional well-being, establish a support system, find your creativity, reconnect with your spirituality, or simply give something back to your community and the world, Jane Wilkens Michael will help you realign your life and discover your “Better Than Before.”

Who doesn’t want to live a longer, healthier, happier and more beautiful life—not to mention look years younger? You can learn more about the book and order it here. To read Jane’s Spry columns, head over to her website.

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