Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin Q&A

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on April 11, 2012
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Lisa Rinna is not shy. It’s not unusual to find her chatting on Twitter with her 150,000+ followers about steamy romance novels, ghosts or fast food splurges. So it shouldn’t be a shock to see her in a brand-new commercial for Depend Silhouette for Women, sporting the new protective garment under a skintight gown.

“In my normal life, I probably wouldn’t even wear underwear with this dress!” she says with a laugh.

It’s that kind of candor that makes her a great spokesperson for Depend’s new Great American Try-On campaign and the sometimes sensitive issue of incontinence.

We chatted with Lisa and husband Harry Hamlin—who just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary—about donning Depends, tackling taboo topics and keeping their relationship healthy.


Spry: How did you get involved in the Depend Great American Try-On?

Lisa Rinna: I got phone call from my agent, who said, “I don’t know how you would feel about this, but …” And you know, I’m very open so when he described what the campaign was, I thought it was really fantastic. What a genius idea to be able to put on this new Depend Silhouette and my tightest evening gown and walk the red carpet to show people that you can wear this new style and look fabulous. I felt like it would show people that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about incontinence, and you don’t have to stop living your life. And I loved the idea that Depend would donate money to one of my favorite charities, Dress for Success.


Spry: Do you think this will change how people view incontinence and Depend garments?

LR: Yes, it did for me. Once I saw the product and how much it looked like underwear, I chose the dress. I think the campaign is great because it’s going after a different demographic. You think of Depends as a product used by older people, but we’ve now learned that there are so many more people who suffer from incontinence—56 million Americans. It can be caused by physical stress, exercise, coughing, sneezing. This campaign, to me, makes it very relatable.  And people can try it for themselves by going to the website to get a free sample.


Spry: Harry, what did you think when Lisa told you about the campaign and her part in it?

Harry Hamlin: When I was a younger guy, my friends and I used to joke about being in the Baby Boomer generation, and how the fashion trends were going to follow us. We said, ‘By the time we’re at a certain age, Ralph Lauren is going to be making Depends!’ And here we are! Obviously they’ve struck a nerve with a generation who’s going to need this. So we said, ‘Let’s do it.’

When Lisa put on the dress, I could not see a thing. And that designer, Herve Leger, makes the kind of dress that you have to pour your body into. The product is literally unnoticeable.


Spry: Lisa, you’ve just written a new book called The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book. Why do think you’re so open about things?

LR: I don’t really know where that comes from, but when I look back and see certain choices I’ve made over my career, I do really think there’s something in me. When there’s something uncomfortable to talk about, I’m the first one who wants to go there. So since I’m in the public, I think, why not use my voice to address these subjects and do good?

The book is so great because I wrote it with a sex therapist. So often, in women’s magazines and things, we talk about diet and exercise, but we don’t really talk about sex and how important it is. It’s a huge part of marriage.


Spry: You and Harry have been together for 20 years. What are your secrets to a healthy relationship?

LR: The sex is good—that helps! (laughs) But it really is about living in the moment, respect, willingness, communication, listening, all the things you hear about. It’s not always pretty and it’s not a fairy tale. You’re dealing with real human emotion. It’s about hanging in there and working hard.


Spry: Harry, do you two ever work out together or do you do your own thing?

HH: We pretty much have our own thing. We got another treadmill in our gym at home, thinking that Lisa would be on the treadmill at the same time as me, but that hasn’t really happened. She does yoga and goes to her own gyms, and I pretty much work out at home. But we both feel like in this day and age it’s really important to stay in shape when you get to be our age.

LR: It’s so important to feel good and when you look good, it goes hand in hand. You gotta work out, you gotta put good food in your body, especially the older you get!