Lose Weight While Snacking: Delicious Low Calorie Snacks

Healthy Recipes and Nutrition, Weight Loss
on September 8, 2011

One of the most common ways people gain unwanted weight is by snacking in between meals. Many people tend to "mindlessly" eat snacks while watching television or while surfing the internet, and before they know it they have finished an entire bag of potato chips! Although giving up snacks completely will help you lose weight, it is actually not the most successful plan for dieters. Our bodies need food to stay energized and focused throughout the day, so snacks between meals are necessary to keep our stomachs fed and our fat-burning metabolisms going. Instead of cutting out snacks entirely, it is best to choose delicious low calorie snacks to curb your hunger in between meals.

The best low calorie snacks will help you feel full and energized without containing a lot of fat, sodium or sugars that can make you gain more weight. Here are some popular low calorie snacks you can include in your diet plan:

Fruit and Yogurt: This delicious combo is packed full of fiber and protein to keep you feeling full all morning or afternoon in between meals. Choose low-fat or fat free yogurts and pair it with fresh fruits like strawberries or blueberries for a sweet guilt-free snack. Another option is to blend these ingredients together with some ice and turn it into a refreshing smooth you can drink on the go.

Cheese and Crackers: Although this may sound like high-fat, making smart low-calorie substitutions can transform it into the perfect snack for your diet plan. For example, eating a serving of whole wheat crackers with a skim milk string cheese will leave you satisfied, without feeling like you have to give up some of your old favorite foods.

Almonds: It is true that nuts are high in fat, but when enjoyed in smaller portions that they be very good for your body. Try limiting yourself to 14 almonds, or about a handful, to get the heart benefits from their monounsaturated fats.

Raisins: These bite-sized raisins (also available in cranberries) are packed with great antioxidants for your body. Many raisins are also available in small, single serving box containers making it easy to snack on them without having to keep track of exactly how many you're eating. Just enjoy until your box is done.

Hopefully you know have some new ideas or inspirations of low calorie snacks you can enjoy while dieting. By eating smaller portions of health snacks, as well as exercising regularly, you are sure to see weight loss results quickly. Good luck!