Losing Weight, Gaining a Passion

Featured Article, Success Stories, Weight Loss
on April 1, 2012

Name: Tony Sanfratello

Age: 53

Lives: Chicago, Illinois

Lost: 43 pounds

Kept it off: 2-plus years

After jogging for many years and having to forgo running due to bad knees, I found that I just couldn’t eat like I had when I was running. I joined gyms and walked, but I missed being able to eat whatever I wanted to. After a few years, I gained weight.  I tried other diets, but could not keep the weight off.  In 2007, my mom passed away of a heart attack. Since we have heart problems on both sides of my family, I thought I better get serious about weight loss. My brother had already had two heart attacks and strokes and he's a year younger than myself. At about the same time, the dietitians at the hospital where I work as a chef started a "biggest loser" program. Boy, how many wake-up calls do I need?  I was the "biggest loser" at the contest, losing 43 pounds. I have since started a website,Enhancedeatinghabits.comto encourage and promote healthier eating. I’ve also gotten involved in Michelle Obama's "Chefs Move to Schools" and volunteer with an organization to teach low-income families healthy cooking.