Loving Food, Losing Weight

Featured Article, Success Stories, Weight Loss
on April 1, 2012

Name: Char Arrington

Age: 49

Lives: Florida

Lost:95 pounds

Kept it off:  3 years

I love food and I am a salty snacker. I was overweight when I graduated from high school and never knew what it felt like to be healthy. I thought I was "ok" because there were always people larger than me. I have a thyroid condition that makes it hard for me to lose weight, too. In 2005, a flight attendant asked me if I wanted a seatbelt extender! That was my "aha" moment. At that time, I needed a hip replacement and so I lost the first 80 pounds with diet only since I could barely walk. At my peak, I weighed 260 lbs.

I started my weight loss program in October of 2005, and met my goal in May of 2009. I walk or bike three times a week, choose low-fat, lower-calorie healthy foods that are high in fiber, and watch serving sizes. I learned to recognize when I am hungry and when I am satisfied.