How Testosterone Levels Affect Muscle Growth 

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on April 12, 2016

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To understand how testosterone levels affect muscle growth it is important to know what the levels of testosterone are in a human body. It is the amount of hormone that men and women produce. For men, it’s more in comparison to women also it determines the ability to control the sex drive. High and low amount of testosterone present in the blood does impact the sperm count, muscle and energy. The level decreases naturally with the age both in men and women.

The link between testosterone and muscle is virtually known to everyone. Testosterone is a hormone known as an androgen, which directs the growth in men naturally in the form of sexual traits. The body muscle reacts to the amount of testosterone in the body which helps in the growth and development of the muscle. The binding process of the muscle cells which connects the muscle tissue and forms a protein synthesis. The more the protein synthesis is released, the more growth in muscle. This is the natural way of growing and strengthening the muscle. The other way would be insulin for the unnatural body build.

With the decrease in levels, the body fat gets increased and muscles reduce. The normal range is 300 to 1200 ng/dl. It plays a vital role in building muscle and strengthens energy. Science says the fluctuation in the level affects the muscles drastically. While you are trying to build your body by spending lots of money at your gym with no result after months the problem here is with the fluctuation of low T.

The better the testosterone, the better would be the gain of the muscle mass. It does produce higher and greater muscle gains. The protein synthesis in the muscle will raise and the glycogen reduction will affect muscle to grow.

The change in the moods, aggression, and sex life is dependent directly or indirectly on it. You will feel energetic, young if the level is high or normal and vice versa if it’s low.

Help yourself for maintaining it and not fluctuating. The best way to look for a better result is to follow a regular diet which will boost the level and also take enough sleep and avoid being stressed. No one likes to be unfit—get into the habit of physical exercises eat healthy to stay fit and keep you away from unwanted fats. Being overweight affects your body and doesn’t allow your body have a high amount of testosterone. Consult your doctor and get a blood test done to know the level of testosterone and find what course of action or measure can be taken.