Men’s Diet Must-Haves

Family Health, Healthy Recipes and Nutrition, Nutrition
on February 22, 2010
Media Bakery

Guys: Pile your plates with these nutritional superfoods.

Shellfish: Research shows that getting the recommended 11 milligrams per day of zinc, a mineral common in oysters, clams, lobsters and other shellfish could protect men from prostate cancer. Other sources include legumes and lean beef and pork.

Bananas: These healthy portable snacks contain an ideal combo of potassium and magnesium, a one-two punch that has been shown to lower risk for stroke, which killed nearly 60,000 men in 2005.

Broccoli: A study from Harvard suggested that participants who had five servings of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli per week cut their risk for bladder cancer — an ailment that strikes many more men than women — in half. The veggies, which also include cabbage and cauliflower, are loaded with vitamin C, betacarotene and the anti-cancer phytochemical sulphoraphane.