Solve Your Money Problems

Daily Health Solutions
on July 31, 2008
Bryan Allen

In my practice, I've found that most financial problems originate from the emotional—rather than the mathematical—side of things. Here are some of my favorite pearls of wisdom for creating meaningful abundance in your life:

  1. What do you want your life to be about? Don't let other people or society make that decision for you.
  2. There's more power in not wanting something than in having it.
  3. Do work that you love.
  4. Money is simply an exchange of life energy, not something that brings us power, love or happiness.
  5. If you could imagine the coolest life you could ever live, what would it look like? What can you do to make your life become exactly that? What keeps you from doing that?
  6. Embrace change and stay flexible physically and philosophically.
  7. Think hard and often about your legacy. Will you share it now or later? Will it be in time or money? What speaks to your heart?