One-on-One With Bill Rancic

Breast Cancer, Featured Article, Healthy Living, Women's Health
on October 1, 2012
Q & A with Bill Rancic

Spry: What’s been the hardest thing about going through this experience with Giuliana?
Bill: It was difficult to see Giuliana go through all of the tests, treatments and surgery. Giuliana is such a strong person
and so full of energy, life and humor—she handled it better
than I did!

Spry: What would your advice be to other men whose wives have breast cancer?
Bill: I am certainly not an expert, but
my advice would be to try to meet her needs—let her cry, let her be angry—and support those feelings. Go with your wife to
doctor appointments and take notes, and surround her with friends and family.

Spry: You’ve said that when you go through hard times, you either have fear or you have faith. How did you keep the faith?
Bill: Through a lot of prayer. Giuliana and I go to church together every week—sometimes more often—and ask God to give us the strength to handle any outcomes we are facing.