One-on-One With Elle Macpherson

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on March 1, 2012
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

At the height of her modeling career, Elle Macpherson was tagged “The Body.” For some women, that might have been enough, but not the Australian-born Sports Illustrated cover girl: She spun her fame into a multimillion-dollar beauty and fashion empire. Elle makes her debut on March 20 as the host of NBC’s Fashion Star. She discusses her commitment to health and wellness, her attitude about aging, and more.

Spry: You’re turning 48 this month. How do you feel about birthdays nowadays?
Elle: I appreciate being the age I am. I don’t look back; I don’t look forward. I try to stay exactly where I am. Every day I have opportunities to explore, expand, celebrate.

Spry: How has your attitude towards your looks changed over the years?
Elle: I’m not in shape to look in the mirror and think, “Isn’t that silhouette pleasing?” I want to feel strong, balanced emotionally, and continue to try new things. I do sports more than going to the gym. I enjoy surfing, skiing, hiking, playing tennis and water skiing.

Spry: Are there any particular health concerns in your family that you take precautions against?
Elle: We have a history of cancer in the family, so I have all my checkups. It’s when we brush it under the carpet and say, “It will never happen to me” that we have a problem. So constant vigilance, not fear.

Spry: Can you describe your beauty regimen?
Elle: Scrub and cleanse, scrub and moisturize, scrub and cleanse. It is really important to exfoliate, and circulation is key for having soft, smooth skin that has a glow to it. I also take fish oil—it’s really important for skin quality.

Spry: What do you feel is the secret to aging well?
Elle: Laughter, love—and lots of water.