Park Workout

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on May 19, 2014
park bench workout

In a fitness rut? This summer, ditch the stale gym air and take your exercise into the great outdoors. The benefits of exercising in a natural environment have been well-documented—individuals who work out al fresco tend to burn more calories, have less stress, and are more likely to stick with their fitness goals. You can easily transform your neighborhood park into an outdoor gym—no special equipment required. Scope out a park bench and get ready to feel the burn.

Burpees: Great for cardio. Stand up, place hands on ground in front of feet, jump feet back to a pushup position, jump feet back in, stand up. That’s one rep.

burpees 3

Pushups: Try these on the flat grass or with hands on a bench, either in full pushup position (on toes) or modified on your knees if you’re a beginner.

pushups 2

Triceps dips: Sit on the bench and place hands on either side of your body at the edge (fingers should face your butt). Scoot your butt off the bench with your legs extended out in front of you. Bend elbows to lower body and push back up to start position. That’s one rep.


Split Squat: Facing away from a bench, place the ball of one foot behind you on the bench. Bend knees into a lunge position, stand back up.

rename squats

Step Ups: Place your right foot on a bench, step up until your right leg is straight. Then, step back down. Repeat 10 times, then switch legs and do 10 more reps.

step ups