12 Inspiring Fitness Pinners to Follow Right Now

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on June 29, 2016

Pinterest is useful for much more than just recipes and DIY projects. If you’re lacking fitness motivation, it’s the ultimate social platform for you. These 12 fitness bloggers and experts will keep you moving to reach your goals with their workouts and inspirational boards, so follow along and pin your way to a fabulously fit lifestyle!


Natalie Jill

Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a fitness blogger who also offers her own Body Weight Workout DVDs. She challenges her viewers to get and stay motivated. Follow Natalie for exercises sorted by muscle group, 7-day challenges and printable workout cards.

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Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Fit Mom

Fit Mom

Amanda began her 130-pound weight loss and fitness journey with a “today, I will do what I can” kind of attitude. If you’re a busy mom looking for a lifestyle change, Amanda knows where you are. Follow Amanda for motivation, categorized workout tips and fitness printables.


Michelle Marie

Inspiring Fitness Pinners:

Michelle Marie Fit

Michelle Marie is a fitness blogger focusing on home workouts for women. She is on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle without unhealthy obsessing. Follow Michelle for everyday workouts, plus specialized wedding and pregnancy workout routines.


Yoga Journal Magazine

Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal Magazine is the ultimate guide for unique yoga poses, how-tos and practice videos. Follow Yoga Journal on Pinterest for boards that will walk you through how to successfully execute yoga poses on a variety of skill levels.



Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Blogilates


Blogilates is the creator of POP Pilates, the official Pilates format of 24 Hour Fitness. Follow Blogilates for a variety of Pilates workouts.


Lexi Yoga

Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Lexi Yoga

Lexi Yoga

Lexi focuses on balancing the mind, body, and spirit through the practice of yoga and natural living. Follow Lexi Yoga for yoga poses, videos and products to help you unleash the yogi within.


Purely Twins

Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Purely Twins

Purely Twins

Lori and Michelle are fitness lifestyle coaches and recipe developers, and they are here to inspire you to love your body. Follow Purely Twins for total body exercises and for workouts that will fit into even the busiest of schedules.


Andie Thueson

Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Andie Thueson

Andie Thueson

Andie is dedicated to helping people become their best selves—at any age. Follow Andie Thueson for fitness boards featuring inspiration, apparel, workouts and even a board dedicated exclusively to kids’ fitness.


Mitzi Dulan

Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Mitzi Dulan

Mitzi Dulan

Mitzi Dulan is a nutrition expert and author of The Pinterest Diet. Follow Mitzi for workout plans, daily inspiration, success stories, adventure boot camp, short movement exercises, healthy recipes and more.



Inspiring Fitness Pinners: FitFluential


FitFluential focuses on workouts, healthy recipes and more! Follow FitFluential for workout playlists and exercises fit for any workout style and targeting each and every part of the body.


Chris Freytag

Get Healthy U

Chris Freytag founded the website Get Healthy U. She is dedicated to helping women live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Follow Chris for workouts for every part of the body, workout clothes and gear, videos, fitness inspiration and everything in between.



Inspiring Fitness Pinners: Lushious Lifts

Lushious Lifts

Karen of Lushious Lifts is passionate about fitness and aims to inspire and encourage you to live a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes living a true healthy lifestyle means there are no quick fixes—instead, you create small changes within your lifestyle. Follow Karen for workouts categorized by muscle group and equipment.


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