Planksgiving Challenge: Your Thanksgiving Day Workout

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on November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Day has arrived, which means you’ve probably taken the precautionary measure of loosening your belt a few notches to accommodate for your soon-to-be stuffed belly. But before you dig into the grub, fitness blogger Lauren Gleisberg is challenging you to partake in her “Planksgiving Challenge” core workout. We know, we know: Abs of steel are literally the last thing on your mind while you salivate over the thought of mashed potatoes and gravy. Thankfully, this quick core circuit is over in ten minutes or less, so you can knock out a good workout and move on with your gluttonous day. You’ve earned it.

Lauren says: “This planksgiving challenge is the perfect core workout after a Thanksgiving indulgence. For the challenge, first, set your timer for 30 second intervals. Perform each plank variation for 30 seconds, taking a 30 second rest before moving onto the next exercise. Complete 3 total rounds for a post-turkey toning workout!”

Ready to get started? Check out the tummy-tightening workout below:

Extended Arm & Leg Plank:


Begin in a extended plank off of your hands and feet. Simultaneously, raise your right hand and left foot off the ground. Return to the starting position before raising the opposite hand and foot.

Reverse Plank:


To begin, sit with your legs straight out in front of you and your hands planted into the ground on either sides of your hips. Push your hips off of the ground, forming a straight line from your shoulders through your hips to your ankles. Try to keep from touching the ground in between reps.

Side Plank with Hip Dips:


Begin in a side plank with your forearm and feet touching the ground. Contract your core as you dip your hips down a few inches off of the ground and back. Be sure to switch to the other side half way through the interval!

Plank Jacks:


Begin in an extended plank off of your hands and feet, starting with your feet close together. Then, jump your feet out to either side and quickly jump them back together. The trick is to keep the “jump” as lightly as possible.

Hands to Forearm Plank:



This plank variation is great for not only the core, but also the arms! Start off your hands and feet on the ground in the extended plank. Lower one forearm to the ground, then bring the other down as well, coming into a standard forearm plank. From there, rise up, one arm at a time, back to the extended plank.

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