Build a Dancer’s Body

on April 1, 2009
Joe Hardwick

Tighten and tone your thighs and backside with this tweak on a dancer's plié. The added arm lift helps shape your shoulders and flatten your abs, too. Give it a whirl!

1. Stand with your heels together and toes apart so that your feet form a V. Hold a 5lb dumbbell in your left hand.

2. Take a big step to your right with your right foot, then bend both knees so that your backside sinks toward the floor. At the same time, with your palm facing down, raise your left arm out in front of you until it's parallel with the floor. Lower your arm and return to starting position.

3. Switch the dumbbell to your right hand and repeat the move stepping to the left. Continue switching back and forth until you've completed 15 reps on each side.


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