7 Lifestyle Changes to Prevent a Heart Attack with Diabetes

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on February 13, 2017

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Are you suffering from diabetes? You need to be cautious about heart ailments which can soon follow if you do not make lifestyle changes. Cardiovascular disease, which is the reason behind heart attack, is the leading cause of death in women and men. According to the leading heart surgeon, board certified specialist, it is now possible to avoid heart attack by making certain lifestyle changes. Check out the following natural ways to prevent heart attack.


Control and manage your weight

If a person is obese, he/she has more chance of having a heart attack. If you have diabetes, you have even more reasons to reduce your weight. Those who are overweight, they need to get in touch with a dietician for the diet chart. A registered dietician can help you reduce weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Get more active and exercise regularly

Regular physical activity provides a myriad of cardiovascular benefits. It is important to start things slowly and build an exercise program. The program needs to be followed closely for better results. If possible, take services of a clinical exercise physiologist for one-to-one consultation on weight management. Diabetes education training is important to consider as they are not just the training sessions. You can start on your journey to getting fit with the diabetes education sessions.


Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking is bad for health and thus you need to quit the habit. You may make plans to enroll in a smoking cessation program. Nicotine is the component which restricts the blood flow by narrowing the blood vessels. By quitting smoking, you can stop the damage which is caused due to nicotine. This is the natural way to prevent a heart attack.


Control your blood glucose level

Your blood pressure must not read more than 130/80 if you have diabetes. The blood pressure has to be less than the stated figure but cannot be more.


Lowering the bad cholesterol

The American Heart Association and Diabetes Association recommend that an individual must aim at the LDL figure of 100mg/dl and even less. You need to consume a fiber-rich diet that includes vegetables, fruits and also whole grains. You should opt for Omega 3 fish oil for good health. In fact, an Omega 3 supplement is the finest way to keep heart diseases at bay.


Incorporate aspirin in your daily diet

If you are more than 30 years of age, you may ask your doctor and take baby aspirin every day. Along with this, you can also consider popping in a multivitamin.


By making the above stated simple lifestyle changes, you can keep your heart healthy. In fact, regular walking can also improve your heart’s health. It is possible to prevent heart attack and hefty medical bills if you follow a healthy lifestyle.