Why Protein Is Positive

News and Advice, Nutrition
on October 7, 2008
Mark Boughton

Most fad diets are only good for one thing: teaching us what not to do when we're trying to lose weight. But sometimes, even the craziest weight loss program yields a morsel of wisdom. Case in point: the low carb, high protein trend that peaked a few years ago. Thanks to our carbophobia, we've started to appreciate the importance of lean protein in a balanced diet. Whether or not your goal is weight loss, if you're trying to build or maintain muscle and burn fat, it's crucial that you get enough protein. Not only that—protein is a valuable source of energy, and promotes a healthy immune system.

Recent research, though, suggests that many people aren't meeting the current recommendations for protein, 17 to 21 percent of total calories. Including protein with each meal will help you meet your quota—and these recipes will get you there deliciously.