Raising Calmer, More Focused Kids

Daily Health Solutions, Family Health
on April 1, 2011

Want a calmer, more focused, less stressed kid? Spend time with him or her outdoors. Research supports the benefits of a daily “green hour.” Get started with these ideas.

  • Learn to identify birds in your area by sight and sound with the Peterson Field Guide to Backyard Birds app for iPhone and iPod Touch (a bargain at $2.99, Wildtones.com).
  • Find out what’s going on at the nation’s National Parks with the Oh, Ranger! app for iPhone and iPod Touch (available free through the iTunes App store).
  • Organize a Let’s G.O. (Get Outside) event for kids and their friends—or find an existing one—with help from the Children and Nature Network (Childrenandnature.org).
  • Get ideas for great outdoor activities from Naturerocks.org.