Rascal Flatts: How We Stay Healthy On the Road

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on August 27, 2014

Country music tends to go hand-in-hand with down-home comforts like Southern fried chicken and cold beer. And, as the band Rascal Flatts knows all too well, the life of a country singer isn’t always conducive to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, either. After years of late-night pizza binges on the tour bus, the award-winning country band—which consists of singers Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVax and Joe Don Rooney—is ready to make a change for the better. That’s why they’ve signed on as official spokesmen for the heartburn relief brand Nexium® 24HR , an over-the-counter acid blocker. It’s a cause that’s near and dear to their hearts (no pun intended)—heartburn is something that Jay, Gary, and Joe have all struggled with at some point.

Currently touring the country to promote their ninth and latest album, Rewind, the guys are making a concerted effort to stay healthy on the road. We spoke with the country all-stars to learn about how they stay healthy on a hectic schedule, their favorite unhealthy indulgences, and how they manage their heartburn symptoms.


Spry Living: You’re currently traveling across the country on your Rewind Tour. Do you make an effort to stay healthy on the road? If so, how?

“Maintaining healthy habits on the road can definitely be challenging. We typically don’t eat dinner until after 11 o’clock, and there’s usually pizza on the bus after our shows. As much as we try to eat well and stay active, it can be a challenge—most of our workout regimens are done at home when we have more consistent schedules. Luckily, we get to run around on stage for a few hours every night while on tour, which is a great form of exercise!”

SL: What are some of your favorite unhealthy temptations?

Jay DeMarcus: “My all-time favorite food is a good burger. A simple Five Guys burger with cheese and ketchup.”

Gary LeVox: “Pizza and ice cream from my favorite hometown spots! Donato’s pepperoni thin crust pizza and Graeter’s toffee ice cream. The best!”

Joe Don Rooney: “A cheeseburger with grilled onions from Hutton Hotel in Nashville. I also love a good pizza.”

SL: Is fitness a component of your lives?

Jay DeMarcus: “We’re all pretty competitive, so we like to play basketball together, especially when we’re on tour.”

Joe Don Rooney: “Jay and I also play a lot of golf. I try to play every day if possible.”

SL: Rascal Flatts is now the new face of Nexium 24HR frequent heartburn relief. Is frequent heartburn something that you’ve all struggled with at some point?

“All three of us have frequent heartburn, and it has periodically held us back from being able to do a lot of the things we love – in all the amazing cities we visit. That’s why we joined the thousands of people every day, who have chosen the protection of Nexium® 24HR for their frequent heartburn. Now, we don’t need to hesitate when it comes to enjoying food on the road. Join us and try it out for yourselves, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. You can head over to Nexium24HR.com for all the details!”

SL: Aside from medication, how else do you manage your frequent heartburn symptoms? Do you have any natural remedies (sleep modification, diet modification, etc) that you use to alleviate frequent heartburn?

“We try to avoid eating trigger foods, such as anything super spicy or acidic. The avoidance tactic helps, but is hard to maintain long term. Now that we have Nexium 24HR, it’s easier to eat and drink without worrying about flare-ups.”

SL: Looking forward, what are some of your goals as a group? What do you want to accomplish—from a musical, physical or emotional standpoint—in the second half of 2014 and looking ahead to 2015?

“Right now, we’re in the middle of the North American leg of our Rewind Tour, and are having a blast out there with our friends Sheryl Crow and Gloriana. We want to continue making great music and giving our fans the best shows possible, because they’re the reason we are sitting here talking with you today! Looking ahead, there are so many talented musicians that we would love to collaborate with in the future.”