Robert “Bobby” Sena, 10, Orlando, Fla.

Family Health
on April 12, 2012

Most 10-year-old boys tend to stock up on pizza and French fries in the lunchroom, but Robert “Bobby” Sena is more apt to be found reaching for nutritious choices like broccoli or carrots.

“I think to myself, ‘If I eat this, how will it impact my body?’” Bobby explains. “’Will it impact it in a good or bad way?’ When I eat healthy and stay active, my body and organs and brain are all working perfectly.”

Pretty astute advice coming from a 10-year-old, huh? Wise beyond his years, Bobby has made a lifelong commitment to staying healthy—and is rallying his peers to follow suit. As a student ambassador for the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, a nationwide movement focused on fighting childhood obesity, Bobby sets a good example for his classmates to follow an active lifestyle.

“At recess, a lot of kids will just sit on the ground. I try to organize fun games and races to get people moving and active,” Bobby says.

Recently, Bobby was selected to serve on the 2013 Youth Advisory Board for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a youth-led advisory group dedicated to combating the childhood obesity epidemic in schools and communities. As part of his involvement with the Alliance, Bobby is launching is own community-wide outreach project, entitled “PAL (Plant A Lot of Love) and Go.” The service project will install a school garden at West Creek Elementary and a community garden at the Community Food Outreach Center to bring awareness to students about the importance of being healthy by growing their own vegetables and fruits.

Bobby speaks about his project with excitement and passion. “This cause is important to me because the obesity rates have gone up in America,” says Bobby. “I think even one person can make a difference. I want to be one person among people around the world who are working to stop obesity.”

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