Sara Foster Serves Up Fresh Fish

on December 3, 2009
Coleen Duffley

It's late fall, and Sara Foster's got fish on her mind. And no wonder. After all, she's mere yards away from the beach, dishing up her culinary secrets to Spry readers on a Saturday night during the Studio B/Watercolor Inn Inspirational Weekend.

Fresh ingredients, like the grouper on the evening's menu, are key to cooking healthfully, says the cookbook author and proprietor of Foster's Market in Durham, N.C. "I start with what's fresh and then go from there," Sara says. "I don't do recipes based on calories or fat, but I'm conscious of them."

Sara knows that home cooks don't often have the luxury of foraging farmers' markets or stalking the fishmonger for the catch of the day. She suggests supplementing fresh foods—winter squash from a local farmstand, maybe—with prepared dishes such as rotisserie chicken. "You have to figure out what works for you," says Sara, author of Fresh Every Day: More Great Recipes from Foster's Market. "You don't have to make everything from scratch."

But that night at Studio B, we did, under the guidance of Sara, who once worked alongside Martha Stewart. The results were this meal, perfect for the holidays. "We get burned out on the traditional turkey and beef roasts," she says. "I wanted to offer a different idea." Different, yes. Difficult, no. Delicious—decidedly.

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