Set a Skinny Table

Featured Article, News and Advice, Weight Loss
on January 6, 2011
Rebekah Pope

There’s more to weight loss than what you put in your mouth: How you eat and drink can make a major impact, too.

Play hide and seek: A new study showed that when serving dishes were kept off the table, diners consumed up to 29 percent fewer calories. Keep the veggies, stash the pasta.

Swap plates: The average plate size has expanded 36 percent since the 1960s. “But if you have a smaller plate, you¨Ìll stick to smaller portions,” says Gidus, of the Human Performance Institute in Orlando. Load up dinner plates with high-fiber, low-cal greens and beans; use salad plates for meats and carbs.

Drink tall and skinny: Cornell University research showed that we pour more liquid into short, wide glasses versus tall, narrow ones. Swap wine goblets for champagne flutes and tumblers for Tom Collins glasses.

Mellow out: Studies show that we eat and drink more to fast, loud music. Pop in some Miles Davis and slow down — you’ll swallow less!

Let’s spoon: By replacing tablespoons with teaspoons, “every bite you take will be smaller,” says registered dietitian Tara Gidus. You¨Ìll also take longer to eat, giving your brain time to register that you’re full.