Sleep Tips from the Stars

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on March 29, 2012
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Lifestyles of the rich and the famous don’t always include tons of shut-eye, but many stars make it a priority to help combat stress and keep them looking camera-ready. Here are their top slumber tips.

No matter how busy your life is, make time for sleep. Jennifer Lopez juggles kids, a busy career, and—judging by her abs—a pretty intense workout regimen. Even with all that, the triple-threat singer, dancer and actress doesn’t skimp on snoozing. “I make time to sleep,” she told ET. “I think it’s very, very important. You know, because I have the twins and because I work a lot, it’s a very, very important thing to take care of myself. You know, so I can be good for them first, and also be good for all the things that I’m doing.”

Create a nice sleep environment. You may not have powerful pipes and a whistle register to protect, but like Mariah Carey, you can still make sure your bedroom is comfortable and conducive to sleep. “Literally I’ll have 20 humidifiers around the bed," she told V Magazine. “Basically it’s like sleeping in a steam room. The bed is all terry-cloth, the ceiling is pitched so the water can’t fall on my head, and it drips down to my side, and the TV is behind glass.”

Can’t sleep? You may need the help of a professional. After suffering from a biological sleep disorder that was making it impossible to doze more than an hour a week, Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers checked into UCLA Medical Center for some expert assistance. “Your mind keeps racing, and your body is tired. It wants to go to sleep, but it can’t,” he told People magazine. After seeking help and taking up yoga, the father of five is now sleeping more soundly.

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True beauty comes from within—and from getting enough zzz’s. A songbird who’s been in the spotlight for more than a decade, Christina Aguilera’s secret beauty weapon is something that’s accessible to all: sleep. “People spend money on beauty potions, but a good night’s rest makes all the difference,” she told People.

If you have a sleep disorder, know you’re not alone. At least 40 million Americans suffer from a long-term sleep disorder every year, including late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who has a sense of humor about his narcolepsy. “Have I been approached to be the public face of narcolepsy? No, nobody wants me associated with their groups,” he told Esquire. “I hope that changes, though. I would like to be to narcolepsy what Camille Grammer is to irritable-bowel syndrome.”

Schedule sleep if you need to. When you have a million things to do in a day, sacrificing sleep may seem the most obvious solution. But for Brooke Burke, model and co-host of Dancing with the Stars, getting some shut-eye is always a priority—to the point where she goes on “sleepcations” if need be, checking into a hotel for some snoozing. As the mother of four told Fitness: “I think that sleep deprivation is a really bad thing for a woman, not only for her skin and eyes but also for her mood, memory, metabolism, energy and sex drive.”