Slimmed-Down Southern Classics

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on January 21, 2014

Southern cuisine is practically synonymous with rich, soulful comfort food—thick gravy sopped up with fluffy biscuits; collards simmered endlessly in bacon fat; lip-smacking fried chicken. Delicious, yes, but not exactly what you’d call “diet food.”

But down-home Southern cooking doesn’t always have to derail your diet. With the The Slim Down South Cookbook: Eating Well and Living Healthy in the Land of Biscuits and Bacon, you can have your biscuits and stay fit, too. A celebration of fresh, vibrant Southern ingredients—from the quintessential shrimp and grits to juicy Georgia peaches—the cookbook offers healthful variations of tried-and-true Southern classics. Healthy and delicious? Time to get cooking, y’all!


Shrimp & Grits


Veggie Frittata 


Lime-Raspberry Bites


Avocado Fruit Salad


Baked Pears with Toasted Oat Topping