3 Ways to Make Friends

Healthy Living
on June 1, 2010

Author Nicolas Boothman consults with international corporations on building better business relationships, but you don’t have to work for a Fortune 500 company to benefit from these three ways to make friends from his new book, Convince Them in 90 Seconds. Use them to broaden your social circle and reap the health benefits of staying connected.

Pay attention. For one day, make a mental note of the eye color of everyone you meet. You don’t have to remember the color, just take notice. This will get you in the habit of looking people directly in the eyes, which relays confidence.

Synchronize. Put the people around you at ease by matching their body language and tone of voice.

Be open. Make a habit of pointing your heart at the heart of everyone you encounter to display openness and build trust and comfort.

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