Staying Active with Asthma

Asthma, Daily Health Solutions, Featured Article, Healthy Living
on March 15, 2012

Roselan Carr has discovered the secret to living her healthiest life, and she wants to share it with anyone who will listen. “Exercise with purpose!” she says.

The Glenwood Springs, Colo. resident, has battled asthma for years, but she refuses to let it slow her down. “I don’t dwell in a pity party. I have not let asthma stop me and my enjoyment of the great outdoors,” she says. “When I’m on my bike on my regular 10-20 mile trips or my morning walk or hiking, I derive bodily strength and appreciation of a purposeful life.”

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Roselan hasn’t always been such an enthusiastic athlete, especially as she’s also suffered from a painful pinched nerve in her leg for years. But about eight years ago, a friend invited her to participate in a fundraiser that involved a two-day, 90-mile bike ride. Roselan took the challenge and began training for several months. She successfully worked up to a 50-mile ride, thoroughly enjoyed the event and has been an avid cyclist ever since.

“I am so appreciative to my friend,” she says. “Exercise has been the best coping strategy for my health issues, and I’m no longer at their whim. I feel more alive and stronger now than I ever did in my 40s!”