3 Ways to Instant Calm

Daily Health Solutions
on June 1, 2011

It may sound silly, but doodling gives your mind a much-needed break. “It taps into the nonverbal, emotional part of our brain and can therefore promote creativity and release stressful emotions,” says art therapist Erica Curtis, who sits on the board of directors of the American Art Therapy Association.

Pack a snack attack
Keep a stash of foods loaded with mood- and energy-boosting B vitamins handy for that afternoon snack, recommends holistic health and nutrition counselor Melanie Smith of Yogaphoria. Almonds (a handful a day is good), low-fat milk, cottage cheese and broccoli are great options.

Relax your… tongue!
Quick: Where’s your tongue? Most likely, it’s resting on the roof of your closed mouth. “Those contracted muscles restrict breathing and signal your nervous system that it’s under a threat,” says psychotherapist Eddie Reece. Try relaxing your tongue and jaw, allowing your tongue to hang out along your lower jaw.