Stretching Benefits

on June 27, 2011
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Stretching benefits your health and vitality, and it keeps you at your active best. Understanding the proper way to stretch before exercise and the importance of stretching can keep you injury free and feeling energized. And don’t forget — a good stretch also feels great.

Stay flexible with a good whole body stretch. According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching and good flexibility in your muscles and joints will improve your performance in any sport or exercise. It will also improve the way you move and your overall range of motion. You will appear more graceful and coordinated.

Flexibility can protect you from injury, so stretch often. Regular stretching with good form will improve blood flow and help your body be less prone to injury. With a body that is loose and strong with no muscle tension, any movement is made safer. Even a simple grocery store visit is safer with a good stretching regimen. Lift that heavy sack of potatoes with confidence, knowing you are physically trained and prepared for any physical circumstance.

Stretch and be flexible in the office. Staying flexible to new ideas in the workplace may be valuable, but physical flexibility can really come in handy when crouched in a cubicle all day, hunched over a computer or clenched with a phone receiver between your cheek and shoulder. Flexibility and body strength will keep you from experiencing many painful office ergonomic pitfalls. You can even stretch in the office.

Learn the proper way to stretch. It is important to know the proper way to stretch. Incorrect or over-enthusiastic stretching can actually cause injury. Also, try to perform sport- or activity-specific stretches before that activity, and stretch to the point of resistance, not pain. As with any new physical activity, seek your physician’s opinion and guidance before trying a new exercise.

Stretching profits your entire body and prepares you for every move you make. When your body is optimized, you can get the most out of every moment and every day. The importance of stretching should never be underestimated. Stretching is a relaxing way to stay healthy, vital and fit. Best of all — everyone can do it.

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