Student Movement

Family Health
on August 1, 2011
Julia Vandenoever Liz Wolfson (left) and Nina Safane, GALS co-founder, with some of their students.
  • Pick a charity 5K and train for it together. “Planning a trip around the race is a major incentive,” Liz says.
  • Replace desk chairs at home with stability balls to build core strength.
  • Try out a new fitness fad together: Buy a pack of yoga flash cards and start your mornings with stretches, do a Zumba DVD or learn to hula hoop.
  • Host a family dance party for parents and kids at your local rec center. “Make it a pot luck and folks are sure to come and move,” Liz says.
  • Devote at least one hour a weekend to an activity of your child’s choice—from skipping rocks at a lake to riding bikes. “Letting them set the adventure and pace gets them excited to do more,” she says.
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