"Subway Yoga" Is the Newest Fitness Craze

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on August 21, 2014
subway yoga 2

Public transit has never been more zen. There’s a new workout craze sweeping NYC, and it’s a strange one—”subway yoga.” Many yoga enthusiasts in the Big Apple are taking to Instagram to show off their best downward facing dog, sun salutations, inversions and more—on a moving subway. While some passengers are enjoying the impromptu performances, others find it invasive or gross (after all, the yogis are rolling around on a grimy subway floor). Either way, we’ve got to hand it to the yogis for holding their poses on a moving train. Now that’s some serious coordination!

Check out some of the images from the #subwayyoga craze:

subway yoga

subway yoga 2

instagram yoga 3

instragram yoga 4

subway yoga 5

subway yoga 5


What do you think? Is subway yoga awesome or just plain gross?