Our Best Beauty Tips to Keep Your Summer Glow

Beauty/Skincare, Natural Remedies, Sun Protection
on July 6, 2016

We all love summer, but sometimes these warm and sunny months take a toll on our skin and hair. These tips will help you get your glow back—from head to toe.


The Problem: You Soaked Up a Little Too Much Sun

Summer Beauty Tips: Sun Protection


Sometimes, we go a little overboard with the sun. On those days, this moisturizer and these remedies for sunburn have got your (red and burning) back.

Wondering how to keep your legs smooth while you have a sunburn? Here are some tips for shaving with sunburn.


The Problem: You Sweat Your Makeup Off

It can be tricky to keep makeup in place during hot summer months. You know the days when you walk from your front door to your car and your makeup in already gone? Here are 18 sweat-proof beauty products to keep those days a distant summer memory.


The Problem: Your Makeup Feels Too Heavy

Summer Beauty Tips: Natural Makeup


We all love a good smoky eye and matte lipstick, but summer is not the time. Let your natural beauty shine by swapping out your powder foundation for a BB cream, switching to a cream blush and sticking to light and bright sheers and glosses for your lips.

If you’re looking to master the “no makeup” look, check this natural makeup tutorial.


The Problem: Your Lips Are Dry and Cracking

Summer Beauty Tips: Dry Lips


Extra time in the sun can leave lips feeling dry and cracked. Exfoliating is the key to combatting this summer challenge. These exfoliating tricks will leave your lips feeling fresh and ready for a sheer summer gloss!


The Problem: Your Face Is Shiny

Summer is the season of shiny skin. Check out these tips to keep that shine under control!


The Problem: Your Skin Lost Its Glow

Summer Beauty Tips: Better Skin


The heat and sun will take a toll on your skin. Get that glow back with these delicious drinks. Your skin is craving them!


The Problem: Your Hair Is Dry or Frizzy Hair

Summer Beauty Tips: Air dry hair


Summer is already hot enough. Why expose your hair to even more heat? Ease up on heat styling and let your hair air dry!

If you feel like your hair is already too far gone, fear not. These oils repair dry and frizzy hair.


The Problem: You Spent a Little Too Long in the Pool

We all love a sunny day at the pool, but our hair doesn’t always feel the same way. Sun and chlorine can be harsh on your otherwise beautiful locks. These tips will help you AND your hair enjoy that pool day. 

Clarifying shampoos also help remove unwanted grease and grime. Add one of these five shampoos to your summer beauty routine to keep your hair soft and shiny.


The Problem: Your Highlights Are Losing Their Shine

If you have highlights, your hair may need a little extra help fighting off harsh UV rays. Here is a DIY SPF Heat Spray to keep your highlights looking bright despite the summer sun.

If your hair is looking a little green, this Green-Be-Gone Hair Mask will treat it. But be warned—the lemon juice and baking soda may take out a little color with the green. If you want to avoid this mask, tomato juice helps to fight green, too!