The 5 Most Common Beauty Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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on September 9, 2013
beauty disasters

We’ve all experienced our share of beauty disasters over the years. How often have you looked back on old pictures of yourself and cringed at that bad perm, botched haircut or gaudy outfit that seemed perfectly trendy at the time? Thankfully, in most cases, we learn from our mistakes (read: no more perms—ever), but there are other beauty blunders we are guilty of committing on a daily basis.We spoke to bloggers and makeup artists for expert tips on how to avoid some of the most common beauty disasters.

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Blotchy Foundation
“One of the most common beauty blunders is also the one that can be easily avoided – blotchy application. I see this on the street and on the red carpet too, and I have been guilty of it myself. To avoid this, always check your makeup in natural light. This will help you see any discolorations that need extra coverage or lines that have been improperly blended. What looks good in the soft amber lighting of your bathroom will not look the same when you step outside. If you can’t invest in better (or brighter, cooler) lighting for your makeup space, take a peek at your face in the sun before heading out for the day. If you get ready in lighting that shows every imperfection, you’ll look great in any setting.”
-Katie Mcbroom, makeup artist and blogger, Martinis and Mascara

Foundation Lines
Blend ladies! Swipe that foundation right underneath your jawline to avoid a yucky line. And of course, make sure your foundation is a clean match to your skintone. If you are unsure, go into any cosmetic store and ask to be color matched.

Over-Plucked Brows
“Skinny little uneven squiggles above your eyes do nothing to frame your face or enhance your expressions. They age you and if you aren’t careful, those hairs may never grow back! Leave brows full, but clean. Or have them worked on by a professional to get the ideal shape and maintain them on your own.”
—Amy Lynn Larwig, makeup artist,

Extra-Bold Brows
“Over shading the brows will cause them to look very strong, which will take away from all the other beautiful features on your face. Strong, long brows will make you look older while more natural, short brows will give you a more younger, fresher face. To prevent over drawing your brows, I would stick with powder brow products or eyeshadows instead of pencils. Brow products are a lot easier to blend and control. I would stick to a color 2 shades lighter than your hair.”
—Sophia Chang, Beauty and Fashion Blogger, Fashionista804

Bronzer Overload
“Bronzer is meant to give a warm glow as if your face has been gently sun kissed. It is NOT supposed to make you look like your face has just taken a cruise to the Bahamas when the rest of your skin did not. Avoid the temptation to buff bronzer over your entire face. Stick to the places that the sun hits: tops of cheeks, along the hairline, bridge of nose and tip of chin. This will create an overall warmth instead of the telltale orange hue.”
-Katie Mcbroom, makeup artist and blogger, Martinis and Mascara