The Best 10-Minute YouTube Workouts

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on August 22, 2013
The Best 10-Minute YouTube Workouts.

In a perfect world, we would all put our agendas on hold and duck into the gym for a sweaty hour-long session on the treadmill. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and more often than not crazy work schedules, needy children and piles of dirty laundry squander our lofty workout plans. We get it: You’re busy. But the good news is that you don’t need an hour—or even a half hour—to cram in an effective, total-body-toning workout.

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New research is lauding the power of short, efficient cardio bursts in blasting fat, scorching calories and revving up your metabolism. We’ve rounded up a list of the best 10-minute YouTube workout videos that will target problem areas and burn calories in no time. These no-nonsense workouts can be performed anytime, anywhere—so you can squeeze in a quick calorie burn while the oven is preheating or while the coffee is brewing. All you need is a laptop, a few feet of space and 10 minutes to spare. No more excuses!

Best Abs Workout
10-Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack
Equipment needed: None
Think the only way to score fab abs is to doggedly crank out 100 sit-ups? Think again. In this challenging 10-minute abs video, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise demonstrates a series of intense moves like planks, side planks, mountain climbers and scissor kicks designed to shred the core and blast away the belly bulge. Easy-to-follow yet fast-paced, the routine will strain all portions of the abdominal wall, from obliques to lower abs to upper abs. Best of all, because it requires no equipment, you can strengthen and define your core virtually anywhere.

Best Cardio Workout
Fat Blasting 10-Minute Workout Video With Jeanette Jenkins
Equipment needed: A set of 5 to 10 pound weights
Complete this fat blasting workout video—created for FitSugar by Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins—and you’re guaranteed to be drenched in sweat and utterly spent in only 10 minutes. For this heart-pumping workout, all you need is a set of dumbbells and enough space to kick and lunge. High-intensity moves like burpees and plyometrics get the heartrate soaring, while weightlifting exercises ensure that every single muscle fiber is used. One small caveat: Because of its high intensity, this fast-paced video is perhaps best suited to individuals with intermediate to advanced fitness.

Best Butt Workout
Kim Kardashian Butt Workout
Equipment needed: A set of 5- to 10-pound dumbbells
It turns out that you don’t need to dole out millions of dollars to score Kim Kardashian’s most famous asset: her derriere. With this butt-kicking workout brought to you by XHIT Daily, you can train like Kim for free. Upbeat trainer Rebecca-Louise leads you through an ultra-efficient 10-minute glute-toning routine that intermixes time-honored butt exercises like glute bridges with functional movements likes weighted squats and reverse lunges. Bonus: A killer extended squat sequence in the middle of the workout is sure to have your buns screaming. Incorporate this video into your daily workout routine and you’ll sculpt a firmer, more lifted backside in just a few weeks.

Best Thigh Workout
Thigh Exercises for Losing Fat 
Equipment needed: none
Unless you’re one of the blessed few who can flaunt their gams with the utmost pride, it’s likely that you’re always seeking a way to firm up your thighs and reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite. Repeat this challenging thigh-slimming routine brought to you by XHit Daily just a few times a week, and you will soon be on your way to shapelier, sleeker legs. In this no-nonsense 10-minute YouTube video, trainer Kelsey Lee demonstrates a series of dynamic movements that will leave your quads burning—think plié squats, side lunges and squats mingled with old-school moves like fire hydrant kicks. Kelsey provides positive encouragement as well as helpful cues for proper form and alignment, so it truly feels like you have your own personal trainer. Best of all, the workout uses just your body weight, so no equipment necessary.

Best Pilates Workout
POP Pilates: Upper Body Workout – Arms, Chest, and Shoulders! 
Equipment needed: yoga mat
When it comes to sculpting lean, sleek muscles, Pilates is second to none. Thanks to this POP Pilates YouTube video, you can reap the total-body toning benefits of Pilates even when strapped for cash or pressed for time. Certified Pilates instructor and POP Pilates founder Cassey Ho guides you through a challenging series of arm-centric Pilates moves set to motivating music. Using just your own body weight, the fast-paced sequence—which incorporates plenty of killer planks—will fatigue the arms, shoulder and chest to help build those graceful, lithe dancer arms we all covet. Additionally, Cassey provides helpful modifications so that both beginner and advanced Pilates practitioners can follow along.

Best Yoga Workout
Yoga for Weight Loss- BeFit Yoga (Sadie Nardini) 
Equipment needed: Mat
Kids driving you up the wall? Bad day at work? Nothing helps you tune out and decompress quite like a good yoga class. By tuning into this 10-minute Yoga for Weight Loss video brought to you by BeFit, you can reap the mind-body benefits of a yoga session without committing to a pricy, time-consuming class at a studio. Expert yoga instructor Sadie Nardini will guide you through an energizing vinyasa flow sequence with calorie-blasting moves designed to slim the waistline, get the heart rate pumping and deepen the breath. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll emerge refreshed and more grounded, ready to tackle the demands of your day.

Best Arm Workout
Get Madonna’s Arms With This 10-Minute Workout
Equipment needed: 3- to 5-pound dumbbells
We’ll let you in on a little secret: You can gain around-the-clock access to one of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrity trainers just by powering up your computer. In this ultra-effective 10-minute arm workout brought to you by PopSugarLiving, celebrity trainer and fitness expert Andrea Orbeck—who has helped sculpt some of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood, including Heidi Klum and Usher—trains you in the comfort of your own living room. You’ll be led through a fast-paced arm circuit that isolates the biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest, helping eliminate unsightly arm jiggle and sculpt sexy, tank-ready shoulders. A-List arms will be yours in no time!