The Best Anti-Aging Lipsticks

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on August 30, 2013
The Best Anti-Aging Lipsticks.

Crow’s feet, laugh lines and wrinkles—every year, women dish out hundreds and thousands of dollars to reverse these three dreaded signs of aging. But there is another unexpected facial feature (which just happens to be front-and-center) that is especially vulnerable to aging: the lips. Years of sun exposure, talking, eating, yawning and kissing cause your lips to lose their fullness and develop fine lines.

Thankfully, numerous cosmetic companies have recently launched collections of anti-aging lipsticks that promise to restore your lips to their former fullness.

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Your best bets? In general, Melissa Picoli, esthetician and founder of BijiBody, recommends lipsticks and lip-glosses rich in botanical oils and protective ingredients such as watermelon oil and tea extracts and avoiding products with thinning ingredients such as citrus oils and retinol palpitate.

For specifics, pucker up with one of these five affordable anti-aging lipsticks. For best results, layer and pair each lipstick with a daily anti-aging lip treatment containing peptides and plant extracts.

Clarins Age-Defying Lipstick
This age-defying lipstick from Clarins, available in 25 bold shades, uses the revolutionary Nutri-Youth Complex to create fuller, younger-looking lips. The lipstick is fortified with vitamin E and plant waxes to boost collagen and protect against free radicals.

Bite Luminous Crème Lipstick
A smooth, antioxidant-rich lipstick with a crème finish that leaves your lips extra soft and reduces the appearance of lines while fighting free radicals, Bite Luminous Crème comes in a variety of colors ranging from nudes to bright. Pomegranate, the perfect red for any age, and Chin Chin, a chic shade of orange, were our favorites.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Anti-Aging Serum Lipstick
This is your favorite, affordable L’Oreal lipstick in the same great colors, but with anti-aging benefits built in. Pro-Xylane, collagen, hyaluronic micro-spheres and glycerin work together to mask signs of aging immediately by plumping and smoothing while providing lips with the benefits they need to see permanent results over time.

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge
You get what you pay for: This high-end SPF 12 lipstick has Vitamin E to protect lips from sun and environmental damage, and ingredients like Pro-Xylane and ceramide V to help restore and strengthen the moisture barrier. With a variety of intense and rich colors to choose from and an 8-hour guarantee, this is the perfect lipstick for a big night out.

Laura Gellar Color-Enriched Anti-Aging Lipstick
This wine-scented lipstick is fortified with resveratrol and hyaluronic filling spheres to help smooth the appearance of fine lines, making your lips appear more voluptuous and youthful-looking. This lipstick is best used in addition to a daily moisturizing lip treatment.