The Best Cheap Meal Ideas

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on May 27, 2015
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You know the drill: In order to save a little cash, you put the kibosh on eating out. But then you end up in the Whole Foods parking lot, having somehow spent a small fortune on ingredients for your “simple” home-cooked meal.

Enter Leanne Brown and her excellent new cookbook, Good and Cheap. Brown, a masters candidate in food policy at NYU, has based all of her recipes on the radical notion that you can make delicious, healthy meals for $4 a day.

See some of her most inspired cheapo dishes here—then download the (free!) e-book to get the recipes.

Click here to see the recipes! 


Twelve cents a dumpling. You heard us: Twelve cents.


This jambalaya is under $1 per serving.

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Who knew budgeting could be so tasty?