The Best Gifts for Pets

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on November 16, 2012

Soggy Doggy Door Mat


Usher in the holidays with a gift that boasts both style and purpose. The Soggy Doggy Door Mat, perfect for both two- and four-legged guests, claims to absorb five times more liquid than a traditional cotton doormat, and it lives up to the hype. We love the cozy feel, and the quick-dry fabric and appropriate bone detail make this mat both fun and functional. Available in several color combinations and two sizes—a large for the average load and an extra-large for those with bigger pets (or a bigger mess).



For the pet lover with limited space or a flair for function, the HabiCat wall unit takes the modern cat quarters to new levels—literally. Simply mount this hexagonal retreat to any wall in your home and watch your cat explore. The Habicat allows pets the option to relax inside or command the room from above; don’t be surprised to catch your furry friend taking a mid-day snooze in this chic shelter. With adjustable sides and multiple color options, this kitty condo comes in five different finishes and can be modified to suit even the pickiest pet.

Cycle Dog Collars


Keep both your loved ones and the environment in mind this season with a gift that keeps on giving. The Cycle Dog collar is molded from post-consumer recycled rubber bicycle tubes, and the collars are non-toxic, flexible and extra durable. The rubber base keeps odors at bay, making this the perfect choice for any water-loving pup. Collars feature the patented Latch-Lock™ airline-style buckle for trouble-free application and removal. Available in a variety of sizes and patterns.

Too Hot For Spot?


Give the dog lover on your list peace of mind this season with the “Too Hot For Spot?” dog car safety thermometer. Aimed at raising dog safety awareness, this handy stick-on thermometer clings to the car window, serving as a friendly reminder of the potential threats of leaving your pet in the car on a very hot or very cold day. The device works immediately and provides helpful temperature information to aid in making informed decisions when traveling with your four-legged family members.

Neater Feeder for Cats


Tired of tidying up only to return to a messy floor minutes later? With Neater Feeder’s jolt- and spill-proof technology, you can check one chore off your holiday to-do list once and for all. The elevated design, non-skid padding and comfortable access are ideal for a feline’s digestion and joints. The bowl’s barriers trap stray bits of food before they reach the floor. Excess water drains into a hidden tray in the dish’s base for quick and easy clean up. The Neater Feeder comes in a variety of colors and sizes.



Who needs a weather radio when you have a dog that starts shaking, panting and pacing at the first sign of a storm? Give your pet the gift of calm with the Thundershirt. Just as a newborn baby is soothed by swaddling, the Thundershirt works by applying gentle, constant, comforting pressure to your pup’s torso. We tested the shirt on a dog with severe storm anxiety and found it definitely took the edge off, relaxing him enough that he could lay down and even doze off a bit. (It’s safe to wear the shirt all night.) The shirt comes in 7 sizes, and you can upgrade from standard grey to three other colors for just $5. Personalize the shirt for an additional $10. Thundershirts are also available for high-stress cats, too!



Keep the claw marks at bay with this eye-catching accessory. The Kitty Pod combines structure and function to help you avoid furniture damage and keep your cat groomed and glowing. A cat condo doubles as a scratching post, giving kitties the option to snooze or sharpen their claws (and not on your couch!). Easy to maintain, the pod can be cleaned with a dry brush or vacuum—ideal for any modern pet owner. All Kittypod furniture is made from recycled corrugated cardboard. Available in five sleek styles.