The Crossfit Open: A Different Kind of March Madness

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on March 14, 2013

March is the month of the CrossFit Open, an exciting time for CrossFit enthusiasts like me.

What’s the  CrossFit Open?  From March 6th-April 7th t138,000 people—including 25,000 Masters—will be competing in the CrossFit Open. During the Open, a new workout is released online each week and athletes have some days to complete the workout and submit their scores online. You can either take part at a CrossFit affiliate or submit a video of your workout. After the Open, top performers advance to regional events, including 12 such events in North America.

What’s a typical workout look like in the Open? Well, there are no typical CrossFit workouts—one of the things I love about the whole thing. But here’s a what the first workout of the 2013 CrossFit Open looks like.